Hello! It’s so nice to meet you!

It’s me!

I’m Anastasia “AZ” Finch, a mixed media art enthusiast living in Southern California. I’ve been creating junk journals for 15+ years, and have heavily focused on collage and altered art. While I’m not a classically trained artist, I am 100% a grungy, scrappy DIY artist who likes gluing bits of paper to other bits of paper and then throwing some ink on it and seeing what happens.

What I like best about making mixed media art is the total freedom to create whatever I want, without restrictions.

A paper-based collage

I also find it weirdly soothing to put together collages and mixed media art pages. Finding that “groove” to keep creating something cool is really fun, and I look forward to finding it every time I start a new piece.

Well, that’s all good– but what can I do for you?

Get Creative Again

When was the last time you made a piece of art? When we’re kids we made art every change we got. Remember how fun coloring used to be? All the fingerpaintings we created in kindergarten? The doodles in the margins of our math tests? We had all the time in the world to make whatever we wanted, and then…we grew up.

When you’re an adult it’s like you have neither free time nor energy, and creative pursuits get put to the side. Pretty soon it’s a decade or more since you last did even a doodle, and that creative spark you had as a child is almost completely disappeared.

It’s time to get creative again!

Wouldn’t you rather be making something than just sitting around bored on the weekends? Pick up that paintbrush and MAKE SOMETHING! Artistic creativity is for everyone. No matter what you do or where you go, taking the time to make a piece of art can be super beneficial to your overall health and well-being.

Here at AZFinch.com, I write about regaining your creative spark through mixed media art tutorials, upcycling projects, and gluebook collages. Each post provides guidance and inspiration for creating art using everyday materials, where you don’t need to have the latest thing to be a good artist, and where there’s no pressure to be perfect.

Whether you’re a total newbie or a veteran artist getting back into the swing of things, there’s something for everyone here at the blog. Our community here is for everyone, no matter where you are on your art journey!

To get started, check out these posts from the blog:

Or to learn how to make digital collages, my new favorite thing:

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So: thank you for visiting. If any of this resonated with you, or if you get any useful info from my posts, please say hello!