Welcome to Digital Junk Journals (formerly azfinch.com), where I (Anastasia “AZ” Finch) show you how to make mixed media-style art using free resources and programs, on the computer!

What’s a junk journal?

A standard junk journal is made from a collection of “junk,” e.g. old paper, cardboard pieces, paper scraps– things you’d typically throw away– mixed with collage and mixed media art techniques to turn it into an art journal.

A digital junk journal take that aesthetic and sense of design, but applies it using digital resources.

Why go digital?

I made the switch partly because I felt like I was drowning in paper clutter. While it’s really fun to use actual paper ephemera, paints, stencils, etc. in my art journals, I had a really hard time keeping everything organized– and I had SO MUCH stuff that I often wouldn’t even use it before it dried up or went bad. It’s much easier to keep all my “art supplies” on my computer, where I don’t have to worry about how much space they’re taking up.

It’s also really enjoyable! Frustrations from making a paper collage or art journal page just don’t show up when I’m making a digital journal, and I can get a lot more done in a much shorter amount of time. Digital collages are perfect for people who don’t have a lot of free time but still want to be creative.

Never made a digital collage before?

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