14 Vintage Family Photos | Free Download

Here’s a small collection of free vintage images featuring Victorian and Edwardian families. These are curated from various public domain resources, lightly edited, and are available for personal or commercial use as they are out of copyright in the United States. If you’re from outside the US, you may have different restrictions.

To download these images, click on the image to open it to full size and then save to your computer or device.

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And now: onto the images!

Edwardian family with hats

This photo is of the Sims family. William Sowden Sims (1858-1936) was the leader of U.S. Naval forces in Europe during World War I. The photo shows his wife Anne and children (left to right) Adelaide, William Jr. and Margaret. This photo was taken between 1915 and 1920.

African-American mother and child

I love this photo not only because it’s sepia, but because of their amazing outfits! Check out the kid’s striped suit!

Mother with four children

Pretty sure this is Edwardian era, based on the hairstyles and the oldest boy’s floppy bowtie. What do yout think?

Family with big bows

I’m a sucker for a big hairbow and this Edwardian family’s got several of them!

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Native Alaskan family

This photo was taken between 1900 and 1927 and features either an Inuit or Yupik family in traditional dress.

Civil War era family (2)

I can’t get over the man’s kooky beard– on its own I guess it’s not bad, but with the hair it becomes over-the-top. There’s two versions here, the original sepia toned photo and a “color corrected” grayscale one.

Family portrait in garden

Looks roughly 1920s to me, based on the hair and the man’s suit style.

Victorian family (2)

Typical Victorian family portrait, complete with the photographer’s name on the bottom of the print. Even the youngest girls have the huge Victorian sleeves in this one!

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1920s family on porch (2)

Here’s two photos of the same family from the 1920s, both on their front porch. The first one is the kids with their grandfather, and the second is the kids with their parents and pet dog. Cute!

Big family studio photo (2)

And to wrap up this post, here’s another set of studio photos of a big family, one in the original aged sepia tone and one “color corrected” version that’s more grayscale.

I hope you enjoyed these images! If you use them in a collage or junk journal spread, leave a comment and let me know!

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