11 best Facebook groups for Junk Journalers

Are you a member of any Facebook groups for junk journal artists? If not, you should be!

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with other artists and get inspiration for making junk journals. There’s so much free information shared in these groups that I’ve learned a lot just by hanging around and reading other artists’ posts. They’re also a fun way to network with people and make new friends!

Recommended Junk Journal Facebook Groups

My group!

Digital Junk Journals

Want to learn how to make digital junk journals and ephemera, and/or how to use them in your real-world art journals? Want to share your digital art journal spreads with people and get feedback? Feel free to join my group and give it a go!

Mine’s a little different because it’s specifically focused on digital junk journal techniques and not just sharing printables or downloads, so it’s good for people who want to learn how to make digital collages and such like this:

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Groups good for Newbies

Buy Nothing Junk Journals/Supplies

I really like this group because it emphasizes using materials that you have around the house, or that you can swap for. Figuring out how to use “junk” in your junk journals is a fantastic way to kickstart your creativity and make something totally unique!

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Art Journaling for Beginners

This group is hosted by Tracy Weinzapfel Studios and specifically focuses on posts for and by people who are new to art journaling/junk journaling. The tutorials and techniques shared are great for beginners and it’s a very friendly place to hang out!

Junk Journal & Mixed Media Tutorials

Looking for tutorials? This group has them! Members post videos and links to tutorials for all kinds of junk journaling techniques, including tags, mixed media spreads, book binding, and more.

Junk journal tutorials, challenges, ideas and more

An absolutely huge group at over 18k members, this is chock full of ideas for junk journal spreads and challenges. People often also share freebie printables, if that’s what you’re looking for. 😉

Generally Awesome

Junk Journals and Mindful Mixed Media Art

Some of the tutorials here are more advanced, so this is great for people who already have the basics down and want to learn more. I also really like the weekly/daily community posts hosted by the group owner, Louise, which encourages members of all abilities to share their creations with the group.

Magically Creative Journaling

This is a smaller FB group (only 2k members so far!) so if larger groups intimidate you, this might be a good place to check out.

Scrapbooking and Junk Journaling

One of the largest groups on this list, with over 58k members(!), this one is good for people who enjoy both junk journaling and scrapbooking. The owner is very firm about people being positive on each other’s posts, and that everyone can post at all stages of ability– so no worries if you think your stuff is “ugly” or not up to snuff.

Friendly Junk Journal People

Another huge group at 21k members, this is one of the oldest established junk journal FB groups. Members are encouraged to post and comment and generally support each other, which is great! They also host themed challenges occasionally.

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Journalsay – Scrapbook & Junk Journal Share & Spreads Art journaling

This group currently has a lot of people posting gluebook style junk journals and sticker-heavy spreads, so if you’re interested in seeing how people incorporate that into their journals, be sure to check out this group.

Specific Techniques and Materials

Gelli Printing for Newbies! Projects, Ideas, Suggestions

I recently found this group and am OBSESSED– so much so that I actually packed my Gelli plate to take with me on a trip! If you’ve never mono-printed before it can be highly intimidating, but the group is so friendly and knowledgeable that you’ll soon yearn to make your own gelli plate prints all the time.

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