8 Book End Papers | Free Download

Here’s a collection of free vintage images of book end papers. These are curated from various public domain resources, lightly edited, and are available for personal or commercial use as they are out of copyright in the United States. If you’re from outside the US, you may have different restrictions.

To download these images, click on the image to open it to full size and then save to your computer or device.

I used some of these images in a digital junk journal collage, demonstrated in this video!

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And now: onto the images!

Red marbled end papers

Marbled end papers are made by dropping wet inks onto water, and then pulling the colors using a needle or other thin instrument. Papers are then dipped onto the floating inks, and they make these amazing wavy lines!

This set of red and orange warm-toned vintage papers comes from a vintage book, bound for a library. Now they can be used as part of a background for a junk journal or vintage collage!

Orange Marbled end papers

Or maybe these are more tan colored, rather than orange? If they’re orange, it’s a very light orange. I like the blue and deep red colors mixed in, and how the marbled swirls look as if they’re flowing waters.

Bright Red End Paper

This rather intense end paper reminds me of the Mars surface– before we knew it to be a brown color, anyway. I’m more of a fan of cool tones, but the bright red would look marvelous in a Valentine’s scrapbook page, perhaps.

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Brown End Paper

I’m not sure how this end paper was made, but it looks quite different from the others. Something more like a speckled paper than a marbled style.

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Blue Marbled Book End Paper

This particular page is from a library binding of The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang:

You can find lots of interesting graphics inside of old books! Of course there are illustrations to admire, but then again there’s things like these end papers. Even the covers and blank pages can be fun to use in collages and junk journals, if they have good aged coloring or vintage patina.

Brown marbled paper with library card

This is a VERY special page: it’s an end paper with a library check-out card attached to it!

This page is from a gardening book rebound by the University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign. Many libraries rebind periodicals and old books to make them easier to shelve and store, and that’s probably what happened here.

Bonus: Vintage Plain Paper

Here’s a surprise bonus image! It’s a plain page from a vintage book:

Just a light vintage yellowed look! This would be perfect for building a background page on, to use as a base for a digital collage or junk journal spread.

I hope you enjoyed these images! If you use them in a collage or junk journal spread, leave a comment and let me know!

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